How to choose curtains

Curtains are not just comfort, but also practical. After all, they protect the room from sunlight, dust, night "lanterns", the circulation of cold (hot) air and other factors.

What to consider when choosing curtains

The curtains, which show a transverse contrast print, visually expand the room, and the vertical pattern makes it more elongated.
If you do not want the curtains to touch the floor, the distance between their edge and the floor should be 5–8 cm, and if vice versa, their length should be 15–20 cm higher than the wall height.On the sides of the window there are small piers? It is not necessary to close the curtains - so you only "make" the look of the room.
For rooms with low ceilings, choose curtains from light fabrics of light shades.
In the nursery, kitchen or office long curtains will not work, it is better to choose Roman blinds or, as an option, French curtains.
Long light drapes will decorate and adjust the volume of small rooms. Hang dark curtains in a large room - the space will immediately become more cozy and comfortable.

How to decide on the color of curtains

If you are not going to change the furniture in the room in the near future, then you can choose the curtains to match the color of the furniture. Now this reception is one of the most popular among designers. In this case, you should choose the color of the curtains the same as the color of the furniture, or it should be as close as possible.

A great option - curtains neutral tones. It can be sand, beige, cream or natural shade. Such curtains always look beautiful and unobtrusive.If the interior of the room is made in the same color, then the curtains should slightly tint the overall background. In other words, you should choose the curtains of such a color so that they do not merge with furniture and wallpaper. It is best to pick curtains two or three tones lighter or darker than the interior of the room.

Also used are two-color curtains - they are perfectly combined with the color scheme of any room.


Narrow rooms can be visually expanded with the help of curtains with transverse stripes. If the ceiling is low, it is better to choose a vertically positioned pattern on the curtains, whether it is geometric or vegetable. You can choose roller blinds with a rounded bottom edge.
If the furniture in the room is massive, and the room itself is small, then the curtains should be chosen from light fabrics. But in a spacious room, on the contrary, heavy curtains are needed for massive furniture.
If the room is very small, then the ideal option is organza curtains.


For classics, Empire and Renaissance need thick curtains with monograms, floral patterns or velvety padding. Velvet curtains or faux fur are possible.
Draperies are perfect for these styles.
Country, Victorian, Provence, Biedermeier require luxurious colorful curtains, the material should be similar to thick cotton. Here, the favorite story - roses.
For Victorian style curtains should be long, literally lie on the floor.
Scandinavian style and contemporary colors require light curtains, both plain and with geometric patterns. These styles are also characterized by large bright prints. The cut is very simple, roller blinds will do.
Techno, hi-tech, rationalism and other modern styles require mostly curtains of cotton, organza, nets, metallized fabric.

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