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To visually give the room warmth, it is best to hang the curtains of warm colors: light green, yellow, brown, beige, gold, orange, yellow-green ... If the room is facing north, then this is simply an irreplaceable option. In addition, warm colors visually bring closer and increase the window.As for cold colors (blue, blue, lilac, neon, sapphire, turquoise), they are perfect for those rooms that overlook the sunny side. The cold color scheme of the curtains creates a feeling of coolness and visually removes the window.

So that the window does not seem narrow and small, hang the curtains on the eaves. But note that the eaves should protrude approximately 20–25 cm on both sides beyond the window frame.

Selection of curtains in the bedroom

The apartment for the bedroom decided to give the best room. In this room should prevail comfort with intimacy and comfort. An important point in the design of the bedroom is the choice of curtains, which are required to match the style of the room. Only the correct choice will provide pleasant impressions and positive emotions from being in the room. First of all, solve the issue with the functional purpose. They can protect the bedroom from excessive light and outside views, to be an element of the interior that plays an aesthetic role. Choose curtains taking into account that in the future it may be necessary to regulate the flow of natural light into the room. Dense patterns will help reduce daylight intensity. Light fabrics dim the light, leaving the room lit. From the purchase of synthetic products refuse. At the time of purchase is recommended to pay attention to practicality. It concerns the type of fabric, ease of suspension, difficulty in maintenance and a neat look. As practice shows, thick curtains with lush drapery impractical, the demand for them is small.

What are needed curtains for the kitchen

Each hostess, who decided to design a kitchen interior, asks questions related to the choice of curtains for the kitchen? This is no accident, the modern variety of products complicates the choice. Remember, kitchen curtains are an interior element that allows you to change the appearance of a room. As a result, the culinary workshop becomes a cozy place for the family. Traditionally in the kitchen a few large objects. Only pots, kettles and other cooking utensils. The dominant color of the room is determined by the walls and kitchen furniture, and the curtains are diluted.

Best curtains for the living room

Living room - the room in which the life of the family. Here are family conversations, organize home council, celebrate the New Year. When choosing curtains looking for a neutral option to the interior of the living room like all members of the family. Before you choose curtains for the living room, remember, this room is inherent in a friendly atmosphere and comfort. This fact must be taken into account, and the desires of family members relate to the interior of the room. Source:

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